If you are not planning a trip to one or more of Boston's art galleries or art dealers, you may change your mind after looking over this comprehensive list of 47 galleries within walking distance of the Clarendon Square Inn.

Boston hosts a broad selection of art galleries featuring well-known historic and contemporary artists. You will find two groupings of galleries, one here in the South End and the other represented on Newbury Street in the Back Bay District. We have to say that even after 20 years in Boston, we were not aware of the diversity and quality of these unique locations and collections. There seems to be no shortage of fine oil paintings, watercolors, fine art prints, ceramics, sculpture, fine art photography, Asian & African art, and jewelry in Boston art galleries. We hope you will visit a few during your stay or plan several days for a more complete South End gallery tour.


Boston Sculptors Gallery 486 Harrison Ave. website

Bromfield Gallery 450 Harrison Ave. website

Carroll & Sons 450 Harrison Ave. website

Chase Gallery 450 Harrison Ave. website

Debby Krim Photography Gallery 450 Harrison Ave. studio 223a website

Diamond-Newman Fine Arts 450 Harrison Ave. studio 65 website

Gallery Kayafas 450 Harrison Ave. website

Galatea Fine Art 460 B Harrison Ave. website

Gallery Cubana 460 Harrison Ave. website

Gurari Collections 460 Harrison Ave. website

Hamill Gallery of Tribal Art 2164 Washington Street website

Howard Yezerski Gallery 460 Harrison Ave. website

Jules Place 1200 Washington Street # 204 website

Katherine Houston Porcelain 450 Harrison Ave. website

Kingston Gallery 450 Harrison Ave. studio 43 website

Lanconia Gallery 433 Harrison Ave. website

Samson Gallery 450 Harrison Ave. website

Skye Schulte Photography 450 Harrison Ave. studio 216 website

Soprafina Gallery 73 Thayer Street website

Steven Zevitas Gallery 450 Harrison Ave. studio 47 website

Vessels Pottery Gallery 450 Harrison Ave. studio 71 website

William Morse Prints 45O Harrison Ave. studio 227 website

Walker Contemporary 450 Harrison Ave. website


Acme Fine Art 38 Newbury Street website

Alpha Art Gallery 38 Newbury Street website

Arden Gallery 129 Newbury Street website

Axelle Fine Arts 91 Newbury Street website

Barbara Krakow 10 Newbury Street website

Childs Gallery 169 Newbury Street website

DTR Modern Galleries 167 Newbury Street website

Galerie d’Orsay 33 Newbury Street website

Gallery NAGA 67 Newbury Street website

Iris Gallery of Fine Art Photography 129 Newbury Street website

Judy Rotenberg Gallery 130 Newbury Street website

Judith Dowling Asian Art 113 Charles Street website

Lanoue Fine Art 125 Newbury Street website

Martha Richardson Gallery 38 Newbury Street website

Martin Lawrence Gallery 77 Newbury Street website

Miller Block Gallery 38 Newbury Street website

Newbury Fine Arts 29 Newbury Street website

Neilson Gallery 179 Newbury Street website

Pucker Gallery 171 Newbury Street website

Quidley & Company 38 Newbury Street website

Robert Klein Contemporary Photography Gallery 38 Newbury Street website

Victoria Munroe Fine Art 161 Newbury Street website

Vose Galleries 238 Newbury Street website