We have listed FAQ for Boston travel and staying at the Clarendon Square Inn, as well as attractions like Fenway Park and the Boston Convention Center.

How close is Fenway Park to the bed and breakfast?
Fenway Park is within walking distance, under 20 minutes on foot. You can walk 8 minutes up Dartmouth Street and take the Green T line out to Kenmore Square.

How close is Newbury Street?
Newbury Street is an 8-minute walk or about 4 blocks.

Where are you in relation to the new Boston Convention Center?
The new Boston Convention Exhibition Center is located in South Boston just a couple miles from the Inn and an 8-minute cab ride. Most events have shuttle buses that depart from the Marriott Hotel just a few streets from the Inn. The Hynes Convention Center is only about a 5-minute walk from our property.

What is the closest “T” stop to the Clarendon Square?
The closest T stop is the Back Bay Station on Dartmouth Street, offering access to the Orange line and Amtrak. It is a 5-minute walk away. The Prudential Center stop on the Green line is almost as close.

Should we rent a car for our visit?
Most of our guests enjoy the city by foot or take the subway or metro for further destinations. We have several rental options nearby should you require a car during your stay. Please see the list below at the bottom of this page.

Do the fireplaces work?
All the fireplaces in the Clarendon Square are fully restored wood-burning fireplaces; putting guest safety first, we do not allow open flames of any kind on the property.

Do you have any rooms with two beds?
All of our rooms feature one queen-size bed and are designed for a party of two. We can provide a second portable bed with fine linens for the same party or for a third adult or child.

Do you have Internet access?
We offer complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the property as well as Ethernet ports in all guest rooms.

Do you have any rooms for 4 people?
We can accommodate at most three guests in one room.

Do you have hair dryers?
We provide hair dryers for your convenience.

Do you have an elevator?
Our historic building was designed as a single-family row house in the 1860s with no elevator. We are more than happy to carry luggage to your room for you. Please let us know if stairs are a problem for you when making your reservation so we can best meet your needs.

Do you have parking?
Parking is available by reservation in one of our two parking spaces at our property for $30/night. We can accommodate most cars and standard SUVs. Please request a space when making your reservation and we will confirm availability. If you prefer, garage parking is available three blocks away at a rate of $30 - $38 for 24 hrs. (See related video)

Do you have minimum stay requirements?
In order to offer an intimate guest experience, we first offer our rooms to those requiring longer stays. We wish we could accommodate all those who wish to stay, but one of the charms of our inn is its small size.

Do you allow children?
A limited number of children are welcome provided their parents are well behaved. A playpen/crib is available for our youngest guests.

Do you allow pets?
We do love pets, but we are unable to accommodate them at the Inn. We recommend the Urban Hound Hotel It is just a few blocks from our property.

Do you offer/accept Gift Certificates?
We are happy to book a specific visit as a gift, but we do not offer open gift certificates.

May I book a specific room?
We are happy to take requests and do our best to accommodate everyone’s wishes, but we can not guarantee a specific room other than the Clarendon Suite.

Arrivals / Departures: What time is check-in? May I check-in early?
We are typically happy to accommodate early arrivals. If needed, we will store your bags and let you get started with your day.

What time is check-out? Can I store my luggage if I have a later flight?
Check-out time is 11AM. If your have a later flight, you are welcome to leave your bags and return at your convenience later in the day.

Cancellations: What is your cancellation policy?
A non-refundable reservation fee of $45 is applied to your credit card for each room reserved. A 14-day notice of cancellation is required or you will be charged 50% of the reservation total - minimum charge, one night. A 48-hour, 10 AM EST, notice of cancellation is required, or you will be charged 100% of the reservation total. All cancellations must be made in writing via email to the Clarendon Square. Your reservation is not cancelled until you receive a cancellation number from our office. Travel insurance is often worth the small cost and is available during the reservation process.

Can we depart earlier than expected if something comes up?
You are welcome to leave early; however, early departures are considered cancellations of nights reserved and are non-refundable. We highly recommend travel insurance to protect against last-minute emergencies.

Who do you recommend for travel insurance?
You may purchase trip insurance at competitive rates when making your reservation or use the site Insure My Trip www.insuremytrip.com to get quotes from many insurance providers. Either way, you will have coverage for delays or cancellations due to weather, peril, job loss, and medical crisis. The policies have added benefits for medical care while away, including medical evacuation.

How do we get Red Sox tickets?
Many guests at the Clarendon Square want to see a Red Sox game during their visit. With many winning seasons in a row, there is a high demand for these tickets. Find out more about the game schedule, ticket availability, and Fenway Park at Redsox.com.

To locate sold-out tickets, we suggest trying:
Closer to the game date, try: www.craigslist.com

Finally, we highly suggest a tour of Fenway Park. The stadium tour is a wonderful way to get up close and personal to Fenway Park.

Which car hire agencies are near the Clarendon Square?

Most car rental companies have downtown pick-up locations as well as at the airport. Listed is the name of the hotel or city location that is within walking distance of the Inn where you may pick up the rental.

Avis: Government Center (617) 534-1400
Dollar: Marriott Hotel (617) 578-0025
Budget: Park Plaza (617) 497-3669
Hertz: Park Plaza (617) 338-1500 or Westin Hotel (617) 338-1506
National: Downtown Boston (617) 557-7179
Thrifty: Downtown Boston (617) 330-5011

Boston area services.
For Boston Hotels, try Downtown Hotel Service to find hotels in Downtown Boston. Call toll free or just point, click, and save!