Renovation Updates & Reopening Plans for September 2021

We are excited to welcome you back. Like everyone, the pandemic completely surprised us. In March 2020 we closed not knowing when we would reopen or if Boston and the world of travel would recover. We had never closed our doors, even a day in over 20 years. During our pause we stayed focused and busy renovating and redesigning spaces throughout Clarendon Square, including a complete renovation of our guest bathrooms. The hope of reopening fueled our progress and we knew the refresh would feel good and look a little different as would post pandemic travel for everyone. Meeting the desire for safety and comfort, we are shifting toward a limited contact service model. And in the spirit of convenience, we will offer guests a streamlined, contactless app based check in process. As restaurants reopen we see pent up demand to dine out again. We will suspend our onsite communal breakfast to make way for our favorite nearby breakfast restaurants to show their strength. They are eager to host you and need our support.

We are fortunate that life in Boston and Massachusetts has returned to near normal for vaccinated people. Our city is full and thriving. We know this is in large part to our dedicated medical community who kept us healthy, to our local and state governments who exercised common sense and to the residents of our beautiful city who believe in science and respect for one and other. Now it is time to relax and travel with a little more peace of mind as Massachusetts and New England have the highest vaccination rate in the nation. We are all in this together and thanks to everyone doing their part, we can now be together, in person again. We cannot wait to have you back with us.

Thank you for your support, it is a true blessing.

Stephen and Bobby

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