• close up pan of yellow paella rice with silver spoon
  • Three pieces of pizza with green lettuce and sliced radish

If tapas in Spain is your idea of an amazing dinner, then you will find Barcelona Wine Bar is a great alternative located only a few minutes walk from our hotel. Since its debut a couple years ago, Barcelona has delighted locals with its fun atmosphere (beware it gets a little noisy) and amazing food which offers classic tapas as well as local take on popular dishes, so if Spanish food isn’t your favorite, check out their menu they have plenty of options to suit everyone, especially those of us with dietary restrictions. The seafood paella is generous in size and seafood and worth sharing with the table. The decor uses reclaimed materials like wood and steel with mid century modern accents. The focal point of the restaurant is the u-shaped bar where everyone wants to congregate. Except friendly service and tasty food. It is no wonder why Barcelona is so popular. While it may be popular Barcelona accommodates walk ins only making it possible for last minute diners.