The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum provides an illustration of the climactic political event that inarguably defined the course of revolutionary history. Immersive and interactive, the experience is both enjoyable and enlightening for its impressive multisensory vividness.
A rich array of unique resources – from beautifully restored 18th-century sailing vessels to all manner of historic ephemera and even lively holograms – come together to recreate the landmark protest which, in an act of brave defiance against the British government, culminated in the destruction of a large shipment of tea in the Boston Harbor.

Complete with a unique gift shop (could it be a coincidence that it carries a plentiful selection of teas?), and the Abigail’s Tea Room & Terrace – a quaint, period-inspired restaurant and tea room – the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is a thoroughly exciting option for visitors of all ages interested in learning more about US history as well as appreciating the events that have made Boston an enduring bastion of the American Revolution.