For animal lovers and marine-life enthusiasts, a visit to the New England Aquarium is sure to be a memorable outing. With thousands of aquatic creatures, an IMAX theater boasting the largest screen in New England, and opportunities to interact directly with exotic sea animals, the New England Aquarium has something for everyone.

Visitors of the aquarium have the opportunity to look at shark species from all over the world, learn about unique coral reef habitats, view a four-story ocean tank housing hundreds of Caribbean sea animals, and even touch sting rays and sharks with bare hands.

The aquarium’s Simons IMAX Theatre compliments the live exhibits with fascinating documentary films about various aspects of marine life around the world, and offers movie-goers breathtaking scenery spanning across the largest screen in New England. The theater has multiple showings of different films each day.

While a fun destination for Boston travelers and locals, the New England Aquarium is also a global leader in marine conservation and climate change research. Committed to making a positive impact on our ‘blue planet’, the aquarium focuses many of its resources on educating the public and maintaining and improving the condition of our oceans.

Located right on Boston Harbor, a visit to the New England Aquarium can be easily paired with a scenic stroll along the harbor walk or perhaps some shopping at nearby Quincy Market. With a tank of seals on display outside, you don’t even need to enter the aquarium to observe some of their most fun and whimsical sea creatures. To enter, tickets are $31 for adults and $29 for seniors. The aquarium is open 9am to 5pm daily, closing at 6pm on the weekends.