A successor to the long-standing East India Marine Society (est. 1799) of Salem, Massachusetts, the Peabody Essex Museum is a must see landmark for its unparalleled richness and historical significance. Conceived in 1992 as the result of a merger between the Peabody Museum of Salem and the Essex Institute – both well-established cultural institutions predating the turn of the century – the Peabody Essex Museum houses a satisfyingly plentiful collection of pieces ranging from ancient Eastern art to modern-day masterworks.

The uniqueness of the Peabody Essex lies in part in the architectural holdings it features: twenty-two historic buildings, many of which are concentrated in the Essex Institute Historic District and are open to guided tours, are on display. Accentuated by impeccably groomed gardens, this section’s charmingly timeless atmosphere makes it a perfect attraction for visitors of all ages. The ancient Chinese home is also a highlight that should not be missed..

Promising to enliven downtown Salem, The Peabody Essex Museum is currently undergoing a massive expansion. It aims to considerably increase gallery space, as well as showcase the beauty of the East India Marine Hall—now a National Historic Landmark.  If you take the train to Salem (45 mins), the museum is a one-minute walk from the Salem train station. There is also a high speed ferry that departs from Boston Harbor as well.