As the oldest commissioned US Navy ship afloat today, the USS Constitution is one of many historical gems of Boston. During your visit, climb aboard the ship, meet current active duty Navy sailors, and tour the adjacent museum to learn about the ship’s involvement in the War of 1812 and its journey to the present day.

As the ship is still owned and operated by the US Navy, visitors have the opportunity to get a rare glimpse of life in the Navy, both past and present. While aboard the ship, experience climbing the ladder that has been climbed by crew members who went overboard, see photographs and video clips of sailors telling their personal stories, and meet the current Navy sailors who run the ship today.

The museum, located just across the shipyard from where the USS Constitution is docked, offers visitors more background information on the ship and its history. Learn about battles fought (and won) by the USS Constitution in the War of 1812, discover how the ship got its nickname ‘Old Ironsides’, and trace the path it has traveled around the world over the years.

Visitors of the ship and museum can enjoy exploring other points of interest surrounding the shipyard as well, including the old Commandant’s House, the Navy Yard Visitor Center, and the USS Cassin Young – a World War II destroyer warship. Conveniently located along the Freedom Trail, the USS Constitution Museum, ship, and shipyard make for a great addition to the trail.

As you plan your outing, keep in mind a government issued ID is required to board the ship. Both the ship and museum are free for all visitors, with a suggested admission of $10 – $15. Hours vary depending on the season, so be sure to check current hours before visiting.