The Public Garden is the manicured and elegant younger sister to the Boston Common. It’s also the first botanical garden in the U.S. It’s known for many notable features including its fluorescent, bright flowers in the spring and summer. The tulips are incredibly large and when newly bloomed will provide endless opportunities for photographer and Instagram. With winding pathways throughout, there are many choices for a “lovely walk in the park.” like the decorative Lagoon Bridge which spans the beloved Lagoon. The Lagoon hosts the famous swan boats; a Boston tradition for over 100 years and run by the Paget family. For animal lovers look for swans, Romeo & Juliet, who return from their winter home at the Franklin Park Zoo in late Spring, reclaiming their place as the garden’s most notable residents. Not to be missed are also the bronze duck family that was inspired by the children’s book “Make Way for Ducklings.” The ducks are always dressed up for the season or special occasion and delight children year after year. If birds and a boat ride aren’t your thing, several historic monuments can be found throughout. Plus there’s always ice cream truck at the corner of Tremont and Arlington Street for a warm weather treat.