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Like its name suggests Stella was a star since its conception over five years ago. But unlike other trendy hot spots, Stella’s stardom is still shining brightly in Boston’s vibrant restaurant scene. Easily the most popular restaurant in South End & certainly among the top in the entire city of Boston, Stella serves dinner nightly as well as a weekend brunch. For those of you who love Stella but need something closer to lunch, try Cafe Stella. A complete bakery offering all the favorites from croissants to their specialty pretzels. We recommend checking back weekly, as the pastry chef experiments with new flavor combinations for the pretzels constantly. Reservations are a must so consult Opentable for all your Boston Restaurants needs. Before we forget our menu recommendations at Stella include:


Asparagus Cream Linguine

Fried Artichokes
Any of the flatbread pizzas
*Any of the cocktails especially the Fresca!
Or let you hosts at Clarendon Square Bed and Breakfast in Boston help you with any of your dining needs. The hosts at Clarendon Square love making restaurant reservations & recommendations all around Boston. It is no secret Stella is one of this Boston bed & breakfasts favorites. The best part about dining at Stella and staying at the Clarendon Square bed and breakfast in Boston is the close proximity. Both are in a fantastic South End location, and actually the bed and breakfast and restaurant are on the same street, West Brookline (a few blocks apart). Consider staying in one of Clarendon Square luxurious b&b rooms and experience Boston at night. What other Boston bed and breakfast allows you to end your night on their rooftop hot tub? You will certainly have an unforgettable dinner and night if you follow our recommendations.

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