Boston South End Artists celebrate First Fridays

Clarendon Square Inn – a B&B in Boston MA

Clarendon Square in proud to support local boston artists.  When on a romatic getaway at boston’s b&b we recommend visiting the south end artists in their studios.  The first friday of each month month artist are pleasted to welcome neighbors to their studios. This is a great opportunity to learn about the various mediums artists are using today.  First fridays is also a time to meet new people, socialize with neighbors and support the south end community.


Charles Tersolo is a notable member of the South End artist community at 450 Harrision avenue.  His work is also featured in Clarendon Square.  Charles gives a wonderful perspective of the boston’s cityscape and landscape through his use of oil paints.  He is exparienced at painting in outdoor elements in order to capture the true architecture of the city. His work can be found in many of the public rooms at boston boutique b&b.  Charles has travled all over the world painting and also does portraits and accepts commisioned work. 


Isabelle Abramson is a self taught artist in boston’s south end community.  She uses gold, silver, platium, and porcielin to make bowls and vases that emphasis positive and negative space. We at Clarendon Square share Isabelle’s aesthetic and balance of form and function.

Here at boston’s boutique b&b we believe luxury and elegance is ehanced by the work of fine artists.  We are lucky to be located in boston south end where we are happy to support the community and local artist.   

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