Coppa Restaurant Reservations & South End Chef Jamie Bissonnette is Best Chef in New Englad

When Coppa Enoteca, the newest restaurant to launch from Ken Oringer, opened last year it was a break out success. Easily surpassing the dullness of former Shawmut avenue tenant, The Dish or as we like to call it The Don’t. However, it was not the overwhelming mediocrity of The Dish that left Coppa looking fabulous in the South End restaurant scene. It was the careful assessment of the neighbor restaurant supply & demand & the talent of a couple master mine chefs.

Coppa debuted in the South End quietly, not even formerly announcing its doors had opened. This whisper emerged from the corner or Milford Street & Shawmut Avenue, quickly spreading along with rumor that the food was fabulous. At first, Coppa did not except reservations which annoyed some. How were you suppose to get a table at the South End’s newest hot spot? Especially when one of the best things to do in Boston is eat! Exactly the point, you were not suppose to get a table unless you lived in the neighborhood and could stop by at opening time an add your name to a list. Or timing was on your side & you managed to get a table after much waiting or luck. Either way, this reservation strategy made it impossible for the suburban foodies to monopolize all the restaurant reservations that the neighborhood residents were missing. Now some time later, Coppa is taking reservation. The frenzy has died down, but the hype remains the same.
Plus, you will need a reservation after the latest award. That is right, Chef Jamie Bissonnette is New England’s Best New Chef according to Food & Wine Magazine. We understand how he earned this titled. When you stop by Coppa it is a course by course of tantalizing bites and balanced flavor profiles that leave you speechless.
We are lucky to have Coppa as a neighbor. Guests from our Boston Bed and Breakfast love this restaurant. We make a special effort to speak with each of our guests about their preferences and needs while in Boston. Naturally, tailoring a restaurant selection to meet our guests needs is important. We provide a comfortable setting, fine linens, unique atmosphere and we want the places we send our guests to do the same. Coppa is holding true to our promise for great style & service. With Spring nearly around the the corner, we are excited to see the return of outdoor dining. We love to set the back garden terrace for breakfast. At Coppa you will find a similarly quaint street corner with bistro tables & chairs scattered casually around the restaurant exterior. These simple comparisons highlight a distinct style you can only find in the South End. Visit us soon, we will be sure to get you one of those “new” reservations at Coppa.

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