New Dining Spots in the South End of Boston

From the people who brought you both Parish Cafe locations, Poe’s Kitchen at The Rattlesnake and Bukowski Tavern, comes ready for the next season Poe’s Chester Square Pub to the South End. Chester Sqaure is only a short walk away from this Boston Bed and Breakfast and it is near the intersection of Massachusets Avenue and Tremont Street. It looks like restaurant row just got a little longer and a lot more international since Chef Brian Poe’s menu will feature bar food from all over the world. The address for this upcoming restaurant and bar in the South End will be: Poe’s Chester Square Pub, 782 Tremont Street, Boston, MA, 02118.

An established South End Favorite, the South End Buttery, is opening another cafe this fall and it will also be located in the South End. In addition to cafe items, the new location will feature a high end foods market. The new location will be at 37 Clarendon Street in the South End, but the preparation of food will take place just down the street at the original Buttery. The estimated opening date is around November.

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