Visit Walden Pond This Summer From our Bed and Breakfast

Are you looking for things to do in Boston this summer? Try some of the 62 acres of Walden Pond, open year-round to visitors, have risen to true
celebrity status and are protected within the boundaries of a State Reservation
in Concord, MA. Concord native Henry David Thoreau is responsible for turning
the pretty pond into a “literary icon”. For 26 months between 1845 and 1847,
Thoreau secluded himself in a pond side cabin he built for less than $30 and
wrote the acclaimed book, Walden.
This book, inspired by his immersion in nature and lessons in self-sufficiency,
is credited with raising awareness for the environment and sparking the
American conservation movement. Through Thoreau’s legacy, Walden Pond has been
designated a National Historic Landmark.

Walden Pond State Reservation encompasses 335 acres of protected open space.
To protect the natural resources of the area, no more than 1,000 people are
permitted on the reservation at once. This peaceful restriction allows visitors
to appreciate the serenity of the wildlife in its natural habitat. In warm
summer months, the pond is a popular swimming destination. In spring and fall,
visitors from all over come to hike the trails that surround the pond and visit
the replica of Thoreau’s one-room cabin. Interpretive programs and guided walks
are offered all year, and a gift shop, bookstore, and the Tsongas art gallery
is open to the public.
Walden Pond and the surrounding reservations are about a 40 minute drive
from our downtown Boston bed and breakfast
Our luxurious, peaceful, historic atmosphere perfectly complements a
leisurely day in this inspiring park. The staff Clarendon Square Bed and Breakfast is happy
to provide guidance and recommendations for a day trip to Walden Pond!

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