Top Chef Winner in Boston!

Boston’s historic South End neighborhood is filled with character and charm.
The narrow streets, cobblestone sidewalks and wrought iron gates give this area
a delightful “old world” feel and air. Restaurants, galleries, boutiques and
unique shops specializing in Middle Eastern imports to gourmet dog biscuits to
cheese of every sort litter the neighborhood. Stir, a unique property that
offers cooking classes, demonstrations and a wide array of cookbooks for sale
is home to one of America’s hottest new chefs: Kristen Kish, winner of Top Chef

 Kristen was born in Korea and was adopted by an American family in the US.
She attended Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago and moved to Boston to pursue her
culinary aspirations. Barbara Lynch, one of Boston’s most decorated chefs
offered her a place at Stir as chef de cuisine. Early on in the season of Top
Chef, Kristen definitely put the pressure on other contestants with her clean
approach to fine French cuisine. After an untimely (and argueably an unfair)
elimination, Kristen fought her way back through the redemption rounds and came
back to win the competition in a grand showing.

 So what’s next for Miss Kish? The past nine winners of Top Chef have opened
a combined 17 restaurants! Will she continue to shine under Barbara Lynch’s
glorious reign or will she branch out and prove to be a new competitor in the
South End’s delectable dining scene? Come stay at our beautiful bed and
breakfast right in the heart of this thriving neighborhood and see what she
will be up against! Congratulations, Kristen. We all look forward to seeing
what you will bring to Boston’s food culture!

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