When is St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston

Irish influence is found in every nook and cranny of Boston’s
historic streets.  During the 19th
century, there was a population influx from Ireland as a result of the Irish
famine. Two centuries later, Boston still proudly represents Irish culture, and
this is never more apparent than on St. Patrick’s Day. It has become a common
joke around here that, “Everyone is Irish on March 17th!!” Whether
you are Irish or not, there is plenty of fun activities for everyone to participate
in on St. Patrick’s Day!
The main event is the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade  through South Boston. Getting to the parade is a celebration in its self. On
your way there you will be joined by a sea of green shirted people and more leprechauns
than you ever imagined! Once you get to the parade the fun continues as various
floats and marching bands wind their way through the streets of Boston.
addition to the parade, there are many other events taking place to  celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. One event that is sure to get a great turn out is the Luck of the Irish Pub Crawl.This pub crawl spans over the course of three days, so you have your preference
on which date you would like to purchase a ticket for. If you are looking for a
more family oriented event, try the
St. Patrick’s Day Road Race.This is a 5K race to benefit the Boys and Girls Club. If you are more
interested in trying out some Irish cuisine, then consider attending the Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner and Gift Party on March 16th. This event is open to the entire community! No matter what event you like the most, rest assured that
Boston is the place to be for St. Patrick’s Day. So pack all your green apparel
and come to Boston to experience a little piece of Ireland in the United

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