How to Experience Boston Through Microbreweries

Boston is known for a number of city staples, and since the Revolutionary War era, beer has been an essential part of Bostonian culture. We have compiled a list of the best microbreweries in the city, and each one provides a unique experience!

Harpoon BreweryThe Harpoon Brewery, located on Northern Ave in Boston, opened in 1986 and has captured the hearts of Bostonians since. Harpoon started off in a warehouse space surrounded by fish companies on the docks of South Boston. Since then the local business has exploded, and even has another location in Vermont! One of the most popular items in the brewery is the Harpoon growler, which is a 64 ounce collectible bottle that is filled to order using an Austrian-manufactured growler process. This machine ensures the highest possible quality. Whether you are coming in with old friends, or looking to make new friends, Beer Hall is a fun and laid back location to socialize. Open 11 am to 7 pm Sundays-Wednesdays, and 11 am to 11 pm Thursdays-Saturdays, beer lovers can sit at the bar or around long wooden tables to enjoy pints of brewed Harpoon draft beer with friends, a great view of Boston, as well as a fresh baked pretzel! Tours are offered at Harpoon, and a full schedule is located on the Harpoon Brewery website 

Samuel Adams BreweryThe Samuel Adams Brewery is a unique microbrewery where you can taste special recipes, experience the entire brewing process, and learn about Samuel Adams, the American brewer and patriot. Started in 1984 by Jim Koch, a sixth generation brewer, everyone at Sam Adams from the customers to the employees share a love of great beer. The success started in 1985 when American craft beers were virtually non existent, and the Samuel Adams Boston Lager was introduced in 25 bars. The brew caught on so fast that by the end of the year, sales had reached 500 barrels and distribution had expanded all the way to Germany! While the Boston Lager is the flagship of the brand, other popular collections include, Brewmasters collection, Rebel IPA, Sam Adams Light, and the rotating Seasonal collection. Information about tours and the gift shop can be found on the Sam Adams website.

Bukowski TavernBukowski Tavern has been around since 1998, and it serves the best beer from local, regional and global breweries. In addition to great beer, they also serve delicious American-style cuisine. There are two casual settings in Cambridge and Boston, and for those dedicated customers the ultimate goal at Bukowski’s is to be a member of the prestigious Mug Club. A rack of mugs with different known author’s names hang above the bar. In order to receive one of these mugs, you must finish every beer on the menu within 6 months. Once you receive the honor, you get to
enjoy discounted beer in your huge trophy mug!

Each microbrewery offers different benefits, but all of them are a guaranteed fun time! After sampling the unique beer at the breweries, you will be in need of a tranquil night sleep and a delicious breakfast. Luckily the Clarendon Square Inn provides both, as well as a friendly and intimate environment. Come join us after experiencing the best of Boston’s microbreweries!

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