Where to Watch the World Cup in Boston

The World Cup is like a holiday that comes around every four years for soccer fans, and in Boston there are a number of hot spots that you can cheer at with fellow fans. All of our options provide a spirited and unique experience!

Lir in Boston Lir on Boylston Street is a fun and friendly Irish pub that offers an extensive and affordable
menu for lunch and dinner, as well as a number of HDTV’s for viewing your favorite teams. Lir
also provides private functions, which is a perfect way to gather all your friends and family to
watch the games while enjoying great food! If you are rooting for Italy, Lir is also the “Official
Italian Team Headquarter”.

Pheonix Landing in CambridgePheonix Landing, in Cambridge, is an alternative Irish Bar that offers live coverage of every game during the World Cup. It is the “World Cup Headquarters”, and is filled with enthusiastic fans. You can eternalize your World Cup experience at Pheonix Landing by buying a World Cup T-Shirt for only $15. There are fantastic pictures on the Pheonix Landing website of the World Cup in 2010 to check out as well!

Cask N' Flagon in Boston
Cask N’ Flagon is known for being the top baseball bar in the nation according to ESPN, but
they also provide a great setting to enjoy soccer as well. Not only does Cask N’ Flagon boast 60
high-definition TV’s, but they also provide a World Cup themed cocktail to enjoy while you root for your favorite teams! This cocktail is a special Caiprinha with Boca Loca cachaça, mashed limes and sugar, and is available until July 13th.

This event only comes around every four years, so make sure you watch it at a place to
remember! Do you want to watch the games in a low-key and intimate environment? The Clarendon Square Inn is a foolproof place to do just that with our flat screen TV’s that complete each guest room! Whether you need a laid back night after a long day of cheering, or a mellow environment to watch the games, the Clarendon Square Inn is the perfect place to settle in.

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