The Best Boston Frozen Treats for Summer in the City

As the temperature in Boston begins to rise, other than hitting a local neighborhood pool, there is no better way to cool off than with a sweet, frozen treat. It’s time to get out of the ice cream routine and enjoy the many other frozen snacks Boston has to offer.

Gelato at Amorino

If you’re not ready to fully skip the ice cream, we suggest a newcomer to Newbury Street. Amorino is just a five minute walk from Clarendon Square and offers everything from crepes to waffles. But what gets us most excited is their extensive gelato list. The Back Bay shop is one of only five locations outside of Europe. Everyone is Italian when enjoying a creamy gelato.

amorino gelato

S’mores at Aragosta Bar + Bistro

Okay, so this one is not a frozen treat but we love it so much, we are making an exception to the list.

If you find yourself thinking ahead about dessert, as most of us do, then make a reservation for the fire pit at Aragosta and cook up some s’mores. Although not a frozen summer treat, s’mores are the perfect end to any summer barbeque or beach picnic. Located in Boston’s North End, Aragosta has a relaxing patio and views of Boston Harbor.

Ice Cream Sandwich at Frozen Hoagies

On Sunday (or really any other day of the week) be on the look-out for the Frozen Hoagie Food Truck. If you’re staying at the Inn and strolling through the SOWA Open Market, be sure to check out Frozen Hoagies’ unique selection of ice cream sandwiches. Gingerbread Cookies and Pumpkin Pie ice cream, in July, sign us up! Be prepared to stand in line, but they are definitely worth the wait

Adult Milkshake at Grass Fed

We can’t leave out the delicious summer treat that also indulges in your wild side and includes some adult beverages: the milkshakes at Grass Fed in Jamaica Plain. A 15 minute MBTA ride from Clarendon Square, Jamaica Plain has much to offer on a summer afternoon. Stroll around Jamaica Pond or the Arnold Arboretum and when you’re ready to rest those feet, head on over to Grass Fed and order yourself a burger and Adult Milkshake. We can’t help but feel like a kid again

What are your favorite Summer Time Treats in Boston? Have you indulged in any of these summer sweets in Boston? Have one we need to know about? Leave a comment & let us know.

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