Whiskey and Spirits Distillery Now Open in Boston

Today marks the grand opening of the Boston Harbor Distillery. Located on the Port of Boston Harbor, the newest addition to the Boston community is in a space that is anything but.

The place the Distillery calls home is a former factory that was built in 1859 (only 8 years older than our Inn). Their website describes the former factory: “from the world famous inventions of Silas S. Putnam, to the world famous yachts made by George Lawley & Sons shipyard and the icey flavors created by the Seymor family, 12R Ericsson Street has been an integral part to Boston’s rich and innovative history.”

The history of the space alone makes it worth a visit, never mind the innovative spirits they are creating.

Speaking of which, the Distillery is currently putting our four different types of spirits: Putnam New England Whiskey, Lawley’s New England Spirit, Lawley’s Dark New England Spirit, and Seymor’s Local Roast Coffee Liquor. Each name is an homage to the factory’s former inhabitants.

What excites us the most is Lawley’s New England Spirit which is distilled from molasses and maple syrup. The ingredients don’t get much more New England than that.

During your visit, you can tour the facility, smoke a cigar (they carry J.F.K.’s favorite) and try a sample of one of their spirits. Once their pouring license arrives, they will start serving cocktails.

The Distillery is definitely worth a visit if you want to enjoy a locally made spirit while in a piece of Boston’s history.

If history is one of your interests, after your glass of whiskey, come stay at the Clarendon Square Inn which calls a renovated historic South End brownstone home.

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