10 Recipes All Beer Lovers Need to Try

September 7th is National
Beer Lover’s Day! What better way to commemorate this amazing holiday than
sharing 10 amazing beer recipes that will leave your taste buds wanting more?
We’ve compiled some of our favorite recipes from our favorite chefs/sites below.

1. Beer Braise Bratwurst CabbageA basic beer braise gives this quick-cooking bratwurst
its down-home flavor and absolute deliciousness. Pair this with your favorite
cornbread and you have a mouthwatering combination.

2. Beer Battered AsparagusA fried asparagus recipe served with a homemade dip
giving you all the flavor and spices you need.

3. Homemade Beer Spring Onion MustardMustard meets relish in this
turmeric-and-beer-laced condiment, which gets a sweet boost from Vidalia onions
giving you the perfect hint of sweetness.

4. Beer and Italian Sausage FondueA simple recipe to make and a
fantastic flavorful dish for any party or event.

5. Ginger Peach CoolerSummer
is not over yet. The beer, peach nectar, peaches an syrup blend together making
a refreshing drink that you will want again and again.

6. Happy Mich Beer Cocktail –  A fun cocktail with lime
juice, hibiscus and spiced with tabasco  making this drink the highlight
of any event.

7. Beer
Battered Fish
fried fish with a versatile  batter that can also be used  for
chicken tenders, onion rings, and zucchini slices.

8. Beer Steamed ClamsClams
are inexpensive, plentiful and easy to cook and with this tasty recipe clams
will become a staple in your home.

9. Beer Braised CarnitasAn
excellent recipe. Braise your pork in crockpot and you will have a tender,
flavorful pork that you can  with nachos, tacos and more.

10. Brazilian
Beer Marinated Chicken
–  This
dish is flavored with Xingu (a Brazilian black lager that has a distinctive
colalike flavor), plus mustard and onion. The marinade rings a lot of flavor to
this dish.

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