Tall Ships Sail Into Boston June 17-22

Boston is a city rich in history that extends to the sea. Celebrate this maritime history with Sail Boston. 
Sail Boston returns this June 17-22 for the largest gathering of Tall Ships in Boston since 2000. The last event held in 2009, while spectacular, did not include the beloved “Parade of Sails.”  However, this year promises to deliver not only on scale and breadth, but also on the “Ohs and Ahs” that come from seeing the Boston Harbor filled with 30+ ships “peacocking” with all sails raised. A majestic sight indeed and not to be missed!

The event is also the only American stop for the Rendez-vous 2017 Regatta, honoring the 150th Anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. The race is set to begin in the UK and end in Canada, with stops in Portugal and Bermuda.

There will be plenty of activities and events as millions of people are expected to turn out. So get your pirate flag ready to fly! But before you unleash mutiny on Boston Harbor, read this helpful reference on the different types of tall ships. Do you know your Brig from your Brigantine?

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June 17th: The Grand Parade of Sails, of course. The event begins with vessels arriving from Bermuda and falling into formation as they make their way to their berths.

June 19th: The crew and cadet street parade: hundreds of sailors will stroll through Boston.

June 17-21st: Ships are open for visitor boarding.

June 17th and June 21st: Fireworks!
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There are numerous maritime vendors who are offering special cruises and sails to paying customers to get up close and personal while on the water. Choose from viewing cruises, sunset cruises, dinner cruises – the Harbor is your oyster!

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