ICA Debuts Second Location This Summer

The Institute of Contemporary Art is officially expanding and nearing the grand opening of its highly anticipated second location in East Boston just across the harbor from its Seaport District location. The second location which will be called the Watershed is scheduled to open on July 4th. The new space will be seasonal only open through October 8th. The ICA plans to run this space from the end of May through early October for future years.

The secondary location will provide members of the ICA and visitor to Boston easy access to East Boston via boat, which will connect the two locations. It will be free for members and those how have purchased an ICA ticket.

The site of the new Watershed space is a former metal factory which is located in an active shipyard. Its inaugural exhibit will showcase Diana Thater’s Delphine, projection art featuring dolphins.

In a statement the ICA shared that it’s “committed to ensuring that art and artists’ voices are central to civic life. Our new Watershed will create immersive encounters with the art and issues of our time, be a center for social experiences and community-based education, and catalyze explorations of the environment, equity, and social justice. We are honored to become part of the cultural and natural landscape of East Boston.”

For more information visit ICABoston.org & check out Diana Thater’s Discussion below.


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